‘I’m completely sick of it.’ Fiona Bruce slams being questioned about her job aspirations.


‘I’m completely sick of it.’ Fiona Bruce slams being questioned about her job aspirations.

FIONA BRUCE revealed that she was repeatedly questioned if she was “ambitious” during her illustrious career, despite never having heard the same question asked of a man.

Fiona Bruce, 57, has been on television since 1994, and has established herself as one of the most well-known female faces in the industry. However, she admitted that along her ascent to the top, she encountered what many accomplished and motivated women face in highly competitive professions.

Finally, I got sick of it because I had never heard a male being asked that question before.

Fiona Bruce is a British actress.

The Question Time host was less than impressed when she was repeatedly asked if she would define herself as “ambitious” in a new interview.

“I was asked it a lot when I first started my career,” she groaned.

“In the end, I was completely sick of it because I had never heard a man asking that question before.

“It’s the same as describing exclusively women as ‘feisty.’

“It’s human nature to want to perform the best job you can in your work.”

Fiona, like many others around the country, was still working hard during the pandemic, but she was wary of being in the newsroom at the worst of it.

“Coming into the newsroom didn’t seem good at times because the pandemic was really peaking,” she said, “and lots of people’s NHS apps were pinging advising them to self isolate.”

“I recall coming in one day and one of the editors grimly muttering, ‘17 people have already had to go home,’ because their applications were going off.

“So you just say to yourself, ‘Ugh, I’m not sure I want to be here.’”

“But that was only a few times; otherwise, it was actually good to keep going since it gave me a purpose and it seemed necessary to keep people informed,” Fiona continued.

With Covid having paved the way for numerous TV shows, the Antiques Roadshow host can’t wait to bring the live audience back to Question Time.

“When the live audience returns, whether they like it or not, I will kiss every single one of them!” she shouted to Good Housekeeping.

“There is no alternative for meeting people in person, hearing what they want to say, and observing their reactions when politicians speak.

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