‘I’m attempting to dethrone him!’ Chris Evans’ colleague says that he was “replaced” as Virgin Radio anchor.


‘I’m attempting to dethrone him!’ Chris Evans’ colleague says that he was “replaced” as Virgin Radio anchor.

CHRIS EVANS was nowhere to be found today on his Virgin Radio Breakfast Show, despite a cheeky assertion that he had been “dethroned.”

Chris Evans, 55, was not on the Virgin Radio Breakfast Show since he was replaced as a radio DJ. Gaby Roslin, 57, and Kaiser Chiefs bandmate Ricky Wilson, 57, filled in for the presenter on his self-titled show.

Listeners to the Breakfast Show were not able to hear the former BBC broadcaster on the airways.

Chris established his own Virgin Radio show two years ago after nine years as the host of BBC Radio 2’s Breakfast Show.

Gaby and Ricky discussed Chris’s absence from the show, with the latter making a playful dig at his co-star.

Since then, the host has taken a hiatus from his show for the summer.

Gaby was asked if she was vying for her pal’s spot on Virgin Radio by the Kaiser Chiefs musician.

She said, “Gaby and Ricky in for Chris [Evans] this morning.”

Ricky replied, “Good morning,” before asking, “Are you trying to dethrone Chris again?”

Gaby stated emphatically that she had no intention of taking over her pal’s show.

“Not at all,” she said. I would never do such a thing. That dude is one of my favorites.”

“You’ve locked him in a cupboard, haven’t you?” Ricky joked.

Gaby remarked, “I love that man.” “I’m seated in his seat, which is an odd thing to do.”

Chris and Gaby have a long history together, having co-hosted the Channel 4 show The Big Breakfast from 1992 to 1996. They were the show’s first two hosts.

While suspended from Sky News, Kay Burley worked at a food bank.

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The host highlighted their on-screen chemistry in an interview with This website.

“We had [chemistry]from day one,” she revealed. We’re quite fortunate.

“We had no idea it would be like that, but I showed up for the first screen test and we hit it off right away. We did the show after three screen tests.”

“We still have it now,” Gaby continued. I can tell when he breathes, and I can tell what he’s thinking. “Seeing Chris happy brings me joy.”

“I was on Chris’ last show on BBC Radio 2 before he went to Virgin and we were talking,” the broadcaster said.

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