I’m a nail technician, and these are the most vexing things my clients say to me while they’re getting their nails done.


I work as a nail technician, and these are the most vexing things my clients say to me while getting their nails done.

A NAIL TECHNICIAN has revealed the most vexing thing a client can say to her while she’s painting their nails.

Maddox, an American nail technician, explains how the customer isn’t always right as she tells the story of her “most annoying” client.

Maddox posted to her TikTok account with the caption “Frustration level 100.”

“Storytime, about the most annoying client who has ever sat in my nail chair,” the nail technician wrote on Instagram, using the handle @ballpit_nails.

“People ask me this question all the time, and I’ve always felt weird about it,” she explained. “But it’s been so long since I took this client that I’m like whatever, I’ll just tell you,” she added.

Maddox describes a girl who came into the salon with a friend who requested extremely detailed nail art.


“She says, ‘I want dark red nails with neon green designs,’ and I think, hmm, that’s hideous, but that’s fine,” she explained.

“So I was doing her nails and I was painting some little flames, scorpions, whatever, and then she said, ‘Oh, I also want a Japanese wave on my nail,’ and I was like wow OK.”

Maddox demonstrated the detailed painting she assumed the client was referring to in the video and described it to the woman to ensure it was what she wanted.

“I said to her, OK, just to be clear, you want the Japanese classic painting with the blue and white and the detail, and she said yes,” Maddox explained.

“I started on this nail, it was really detailed, and I was trying to make it look exactly like the painting, and I’d been painting on it for about 15 minutes when she looked down and said ‘oh’,” she continued.

After all of her effort and attention to detail, the customer complained that this was not at all what she was looking for.

“That’s not really what I wanted,” the customer continued, according to Maddox, “I was looking for something a little bit more simple.”

The nail technician was irritated because the client had been talking to her friend and not paying attention to what Maddox was doing the entire time.

“I had to wipe off the entire nail and start over,” the nail technician explained.

As a result, I resumed working on the nail.

I did something similar, but with fewer fine lines and less contrast.

After ten minutes of painting her nail for the second time, the client looks down and complains that she wants something much more…

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