I’m a lash technician, and this is what happens when individuals don’t clean their extensions – it’s nasty.


I’m a lash technician, and this is what happens when individuals don’t clean their extensions – it’s nasty.

Everyone wants bigger, flutterier lashes, but the reality of unsanitary lash extensions isn’t that glamorous.

A video of a woman who didn’t maintain her lashes clean was shared by a lash technician, and the effects are horrifying.

Ipek, a Tiktok user and lash technician, shared the video and explained why you should clean your lash extensions every day.

“So what precisely happens when you don’t clean your eyelash extensions?” she questioned in the video.

The extensions become glued together as a result of the build-up of makeup and oil. The natural lash will become overly heavy with extensions.” The lash extensions then begin to harm the original lashes and become disconnected, as shown in the disturbing video.

“It’s for your own safety,” she captioned the warning.

People were disgusted by the filthy lashing in the video, which has over 100,000 views.

“Ew. “Ew!” exclaimed one outraged commenter, while another added, “Yuck!” Isn’t it true that people don’t wash at least once a day?!” Some felt sad for Ipek because he had to deal with clients who didn’t take adequate care of their extensions.

One empathetic user said, “I feel so horrible that you have a ton of these bad unclean lashes coming in.”

Others were concerned about the potential damage that unclean extensions could do, with one commenter saying, “Then you lose both your natural lashes and your lashes.”

On her Tiktok, Ipek provides a detailed instruction on how to clean your lashes so they don’t wind up looking dirty and damage your natural lashes.

In earlier videos, Ipek has demonstrated the heinous reality of dirty lashes, where build-up has become so terrible that her client’s eyelids have become crusty and swollen.

“It’s gross!” she exclaimed to her audience. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please Meanwhile, a beauty therapist allegedly CUTS OFF a woman’s eyelashes after her card payment fails, referring to her as the ‘worst ever client.’

Furthermore, the woman’s lash extensions are the worst she’s ever seen, taking a HOUR to remove.

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