I’m A Celebrity rules: Gwyrch Castle’s restrictions on celebrities.


The rules of I’m A Celebrity: Gwyrch Castle, which stars must follow.


The stars have never had it easy when it comes to GET ME OUT OF HERE!, but these rules make it even more difficult.

The fifth episode of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here 2021 airs tonight on ITV, and it’s already taking its toll on some of the stars, with Richard Madeley leaving after an overnight trip to the hospital.

There are, however, additional rules that the band must adhere to, many of which fans may be unaware of.

Fans have been trying to figure out what happens behind the scenes of the series for nearly two decades.

Every year, a group of unwitting celebrities enters the jungle (or castle) to face their fears and compete for the best grub.

Viewers will get to see their favorite stars like never before as they battle against each other and the elements over the course of three weeks.

While it’s impossible to know what happens when the cameras aren’t rolling, there are some ground rules that the celebrities must follow while staying at Gwyrch Castle.

When the stars first arrive at the camp, they are given a limited supply of supplies and are allowed to enter the castle.

This is due to the fact that they are not permitted to bring many personal belongings.

Furthermore, they are provided with the iconic uniform, which is the only clothing they are permitted to wear, but they are allowed to customize their outfits.

They can, of course, bring one luxury item with them, with most celebrities choosing a chair, pillow, or photograph.

When it comes to cigarettes, it’s been reported that celebrities are permitted to smoke, but only off-camera.

“They are allowed some cigarettes… there’s a pretty good supply,” an insider told the Mirror.

Is there any extra food for them?

The topic of food is inevitably brought up in every episode, which is a subject that viewers debate the most.

Hunger struck the team early this year, with those imprisoned in the Clink complaining about a lack of food as early as episode two.

However, the stars are not provided with additional food, making the trials even more desperate as they fight for scraps.

While the teams’ food supplies are limited, production ensures everyone’s safety at all times.

Viewers have once again taken notice of the celebrities’ behavior.

“News from the Brinkwire.”


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