‘I’ll be in shape!’ ‘Brian May discusses his recent stint in “heart rehab” as he prepares for the forthcoming Queen tour.


‘I’ll be in shape!’ ‘Brian May discusses his recent stint in “heart rehab” as he prepares for the forthcoming Queen tour.

BRIAN MAY has opened out about his heart health and fitness in response to a question about whether he would be “ready” for Queen’s upcoming tour next year.

On ITV’s Lorraine, Brian May discussed the reissue of his debut solo album Back to the Light with Christine Lampard. On Friday’s broadcast, the Queen rockstar joined the host to discuss the record, Queen’s impending tour, and his health. When asked about Queen’s tour being postponed due to Covid, the guitarist told Christine that he’ll be “fit” and “ready” when he returns to the road.

Brian began by saying of Queen’s tour, “It’s been postponed twice already, two years.”

“At the end of May (2022), we’ll tour England again, performing 10 nights at The O2.

“We do Birmingham, Manchester, and a few other cities before returning to Europe.

“We perform all those jobs that we couldn’t do for two years,” Brain continued, “and that’s Brexit and Covid allowing.” “There are challenges from all of it, but we’ll be ready,” he added.

“I can tell you I’ll be fit since I’m working like a fiend on my heart rehab. “Good for you, but it feels nice, doesn’t it?” “Good for you, but it feels good, doesn’t it?” Christine inquired.

“I’m sure it feels great to introduce this album to a whole new audience today. “It’s great, I feel so enthusiastic about it, I’m like a kid because this genuinely seems like a fresh record to me,” Brain responded.

“I still feel the agony, the fear, and the passion from all of these things on the album,” Christine said. “Writing the album for the first time around Brian was a very emotional experience.” What are your recollections of the events of 30 years ago? ” “To be honest, everything was a bit crazy. We were doing okay as musicians, I think, but my life was going apart all over the place,” he responded.

He continued, “First and foremost, we’re losing Freddie, and we know we’re going to lose Freddie at some point within that period.”

Every member of Queen, according to Brian, regarded each other to be family.

The Queen guitarist, on the other hand, acknowledged that he was worried about losing the band at this moment.

Brian said, “I’m losing my father, my father is ready to pass away.” Brinkwire Summary News: “I’m losing my.”


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