‘I’ll be back!’ Nick Knowles teases a comeback to DIY SOS following the BBC row.


‘I’ll be back!’ Nick Knowles teases a comeback to DIY SOS following the BBC row.

NICK KNOWLES has confirmed that he will be returning to DIY SOS in the near future. Following a BBC rule break, he was replaced by Rhod Gilbert in the Children In Need special episode.

Last week, Nick Knowles was absent from the DIY SOS Children In Need special, which was instead hosted by comedian Rhod Gilbert. After breaking BBC restrictions, Nick went missing for the first time in the show’s 22-year history. However, in a recent interview, the actor announced that he will return to the show in 2022.

Nick appeared on Lorraine on Wednesday morning to discuss a new initiative outside of the BBC.

He told Lorraine Kelly about his new Quest series Heritage Rescue while speaking with her.

Nick added that in the new show, he would investigate the history of some of Britain’s most spectacular structures with the help of restoration professionals.

“I love these buildings, I think they’re fantastic,” Nick said of the historic structures featured in his new show.

“It’s such a brilliant series and completely different from DIY SOS, which is coming back next year, which is excellent,” Lorraine said.

“Yes, I’ve already shot one,” Nick said. Rhod Gilbert stepped in and took care of Children in Need for me.” Lorraine added, “He did, that’s right, yes.”

“I felt he did a terrific job, a really excellent job,” Nick continued, praising Rhod’s presentation skills.

He went on to say, “He was properly emotionally connected with it.”

Despite being away for the Children in Need special, Nick has confirmed that he will return to DIY SOS in the new year.

“I’ve already shot a new one, and we’ve got new ones to shoot in January, February, and March of next year,” the presenter stated.

“So, probably around the middle of next year, I’ll be back on the screen in that,” he revealed.

Lorraine responded, “Fantastic, I’m extremely delighted to hear it.”

Nick enraged the BBC earlier this year by appearing in a Shreddies commercial.

The presenter appears in the commercial as a builder, which puts him in clear violation of the broadcaster’s standards.

Stars are prohibited from appearing in promotional work “in a way that resembles or replicates their on-air duties for the BBC,” according to BBC editing guidelines.

The BBC and Nick issued a joint statement, “Brinkwire Summary News,” as a result of the regulation violation.


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