If Meghan and Harry offer to stay for US awards, Kate and Wills will be in a ‘tough situation,’ according to an expert.


If Meghan and Harry offer to stay for US awards, Kate and Wills will be in a ‘tough situation,’ according to an expert.

Prince William and Kate Middleton announced at this year’s Earthshot Prize ceremony in London that the Awards would be held next in the United States, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new home.

According to a royal expert, if Prince William and Kate Middleton are invited to stay for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s US Earthshot Prize Awards, they will be in a “lose-lose situation.”

Earlier this year, William and Kate hosted the first annual Earthshot Prize Awards in London, where they emphasized the importance of combating climate change and awarded £1 million to a Costa Rican project.

Following the ceremony, which took place at Alexandra Palace in London, the Cambridges announced that next year’s awards would be held in the United States, though they did not specify where.

With the ex-royals now based in Montecito, California, this sparked speculation about whether Meghan and Harry would be present.

The Sussexes did not attend the Earthshot awards, and their relationship with the rest of the Royal Family has reportedly deteriorated since their explosive interview with Oprah was broadcast in March.

The panel discussed the reports that Kate and Wills would stay with Meghan and Harry on this week’s Royally Us podcast, noting that the situation could lead to difficult discussions.

“It’s a lose-lose situation,” royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti suggested.

If they are invited and decline, it appears petty and nasty on one side, and if they are not invited, it appears petty and nasty on the other.

“And it appears to be a bad idea if they accept such an invitation and something goes horribly wrong.”

“I’m not sure how this will work.”

Some royal commentators have claimed that Harry and Meghan have struggled to adjust to their new celebrity-studded surroundings, with Lady C claiming that they “don’t want to touch” the Sussexes.

The Royally Us panel acknowledged that the exact location of next year’s Earthshot ceremony, which has yet to be announced, will be a major factor in whether the Cambridges and Sussexes are reunited.

“I believe it is, without a doubt, dependent on the location of the awards.

“I’m sure staying with your in-laws is always an interesting experience for anyone,” host Christine Ross noted.

Christina Garibaldi agreed, predicting that the Cambridges would not have trouble finding a new place to stay.

she clarified.

“Perhaps this will help the rift, not necessarily help the rift, but I believe.”

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