‘If Freddie Mercury had lived, he would have ended up with Mary,’ Queen says.


‘If Freddie Mercury had lived, he would have ended up with Mary,’ Queen says.

Even after they had divorced and he was dating other men, including Jim Hutton, FREDDIE MERCURY referred to Mary Austin as his “common-law wife.” The Queen legend would have returned to Mary and spent the rest of his life with her, according to a new biography.

Even though Freddie was gay, he loved Mary so much that he left her his riches, his home, and the most of his future profits from Queen to her. She was also the only one who had access to his ashes. “I can only name one truly dear person with whom I can actually open up and feel really pleased,” the star famously stated about her. I may have all the problems in the world, but I have Mary, and that is what keeps me going.” Lesley-Anne Jones, a former record business PR and celebrity music journalist, reveals the complicated relationships at the heart of Freddie’s life in a new interview.

Jones has toured with David Bowie, Elton John, The Rolling Stones, and Queen, and has authored a follow-up to her Freddie Mercury biography from 1997. She discusses the remarkable, unbreakable link between the artist and his greatest love in her new book, Love of My Life: The Life and Loves of Freddie Mercury.

“They were together for six years and lived happily together in their early twenties,” she claimed. Freddie maintained her in his life even after they broke off their engagement. He couldn’t let go of her,” says the narrator. Do you like to hear the latest music from your favorite artists? To listen to limitless music on Amazon Music, sign up for a free 30-day trial at this link. “I think they would have proceeded through their lives and they would have gotten back together if he had lived,” Jones concluded. They would have been companions, not for any sexual reasons. But, in any event, she has the house and is present, almost as if she is anticipating his arrival.” In fact, Mary had two kids with painter Piers Cameron while Freddie was alive. Richard’s older brother, Freddie, was his godfather, and Jamie was born shortly after the star’s death. After that relationship ended, Mary married businessman Nick Holford, although the marriage only lasted five years before ending in divorce.

What about Jim, though?

“Jim wasn’t Freddie’s one-on-one,” Jones adds. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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