‘I’d hit rock bottom,’ Frank Bruno said during the lockdown.


‘I’d hit rock bottom,’ Frank Bruno said during the lockdown.

“I had to fight for my sanity,” says boxing champion Frank Bruno, who was sectioned under the Mental Health Act during lockdown.

After friends were concerned for his safety, authorities took the former world heavyweight champion to the hospital and detained him there for six weeks.

Frank, a bipolar disorder campaigner, blamed his decline on the loss of friends to Covid, as well as the stress of confinement.

“It’s been the worst and most terrible period of my life,” the London-born boxer added. I reached rock bottom and had a nervous breakdown.

“After years of maintaining a lid on my disease, I had to face the fact that it had resurfaced. I had to fight for my sanity at times, and I was afraid I wouldn’t make it.” As his mental health deteriorated, Frank, who turns 60 this week, embarked on an intense workout regimen at home in an effort to keep his demons at bay, which resulted in significant weight loss.

He subsequently started trying to set up comeback boxing contests. Friends intervened after he attempted to pay £60,000 for a car that was only worth £20,000.


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