Iceland closes stores due to the ‘Pingdemic,’ while M&S warns of shortened operating hours. ‘Panicking me,’ says the narrator.


Iceland closes stores due to the ‘Pingdemic,’ while M&S warns of shortened operating hours. ‘Panicking me,’ says the narrator.

SUPERMARKET OF FROZEN FOOD Due to a lack of workers, Iceland has been forced to close stores. It comes after Marks and Spencer issued a warning to customers that it might have to cut back on its operating hours.

Just weeks after firms declared food shortages, supermarkets such as Iceland have been forced to close parts of their stores because to the so-called “pingdemic.” Customers have also been cautioned that if staff shortages occur, Marks and Spencer may be forced to adjust store hours.

The NHS track and trace software has “pinged” over a thousand of Iceland’s employees, forcing them to stay off work, according to Richard Walker, the company’s CEO.

“A handful of stores have had to close,” Mr Walker told the BBC, “and the danger is that as this thing grows exponentially… It has the potential to get a lot worse, a lot faster.”

He went on to say that the shortage affects only 4% of the company’s 30,000-person workforce.

Mr Walker, on the other hand, claims that this is the “highest since testing began.”

It comes as the NHS app is “pinging” more people than ever before that they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive.

“We’ve never had to close a single shop before, and now we’re having to restrict operating hours and close shops,” Mr Walker continued.

The firm has yet to reveal which stores are affected.

Customers were outraged at the news, taking to Twitter to express their feelings.

“I see Iceland has shuttered a lot of stores,” one individual commented. “You’re just making me nervous right now.”

“I know it’s for the best, but how much worse can it get?” wrote another.

“We should stop using the term pingdemic; the software is doing its job,” a third said.

The announcement comes after M&S issued a warning that the firm may be forced to cut store hours and that shelves may be empty.

M&S’s chief executive, Steve Rowe, has stated that staff shortages may result in shortened store hours.

“Our Covid cases are nearly doubling every week,” he told The New York Times, “and the pinging level is around three to one of Covid cases, so we’re seeing it grow exponentially.”

“If there are shortages, we will have to deal with them by adjusting store hours or cutting hours.”

Morrisons has also reported a boost in sales. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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