Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, makes a cameo appearance, but not in No Time to Die.


Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, makes a cameo appearance, but not in No Time to Die.

Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, will make a cameo appearance on television shortly, but it will not be in the current installment of the popular franchise, No Time to Die.

Cameos can take several forms to honor well-known figures associated with the era or universe in which the tale is situated.

Over the years, James Bond films have included numerous Easter eggs and subtle tributes, and now it’s been reported that the creator of the famed spy novels will have his own screen time.

This, however, will not be associated with the upcoming James Bond film No Time to Die, but rather with the adaptation of another well-known book series.

In 2022, Ian Fleming will appear in a new video game called John Carter Warlord of Mars, in which he will play a major role.

The new video game will show Fleming as a WW2 commander, recalling the 007 Author’s service during the fight, and is based on the scientific fantasy novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The official video game introduction blurb explains more about the setting and alterations to the traditional plot, stating, “Starting in 1945, the gameplay will center on the soldier John Carter, who is working on a quest to locate Hitler’s secret projects organization.”

“The mission’s orders come directly from Fleming, setting off an epic sci-fi adventure in which John Carter discovers an experimental device that eventually takes him to Mars.

“Fleming will be brought to life as the commander of T-Force, a special WWII intelligence unit, in the game, paying respect to his real-world accomplishments during the war.” Fleming had a series of crucial intelligence posts in the war effort before penning his famed James Bond books, and he came from a family steeped in military duty.

“The news of Fleming’s cameo follows the recent announcement that John Carter: Warlord of Mars is in the works, with planning, scripting, and casting well underway.

“We were interested when originally approached with this proposal,” said Diggory Laycock of the Ian Fleming Estate Executive Committee and Director of Ian Fleming Publications, “and think it is a project fans of Ian Fleming would enjoy.” I’m excited to watch my great-uncle come to life on television.” It was also reported that FNCPR had been granted an exclusive license covering Ian Fleming’s involvement. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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