Ian Beale, star of EastEnders, has returned to the Square with his new wife Janine Butcher?


Ian Beale, star of EastEnders, has returned to the Square with his new wife Janine Butcher?

Ian Beale of EASTENDERS is scheduled to return to the BBC serial in the not-too-distant future, but could he be reunited with his new wife and former neighbour Janine Butcher?

Ian (Adam Woodyatt) hasn’t appeared on EastEnders since he was forced to leave earlier this year after an epic brawl with wife number five, Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean). His family has no idea where he is, and he hasn’t been featured on the BBC soap for quite some time. However, new rumours indicate that he will return with a bang. Might the two legends have met off-screen and fallen in love? With Janine (Charlie Brooks) also making a reappearance in the coming weeks, could the two icons have met off-screen and fallen in love? Maybe they married for a completely different purpose, which will all be revealed when they first appear together on-screen.

Although the two have appeared on the show at the same time in the past, there have never been any wedding bells, despite a few spectacular dalliances.

Instead, they’ve been perceived as rivals in the past, each striving to outperform the other’s corporate empire.

The serial killer of Walford could have evolved and become an entirely different version of the man fans have seen in the past after spending seven years away from the Square.

This might be a part of Ian that he encounters and falls in love with while on his travels, especially since the two are also caring for Janine’s daughter, Scarlett Moon.

However, it’s safe to suppose Ian’s loved ones would be worried to learn not only that he has a sixth wife, but that she is one of the Square’s most famous residents.

When Ian left the show earlier this year, there was no official word on whether or not he would return.

Adam, the 53-year-old actor who plays him, is currently starring in a theatrical version of Looking Good Dead.

In July, the soap star told Metro.co.uk about his return, saying, “I won’t be going back until this time next year at the absolute earliest.” However, new rumours have arisen since then hinting that the icon may make an earlier return.

“The Beeb executives can’t get,” an unnamed insider claimed. Brinkwire Summary News


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