I went on a second date with a guy, but I was in dire need of a bathroom break… Then things got a whole lot worse.


I went on a second date with a guy, but I was in dire need of a bathroom break… Then things got a whole lot worse.

From stumbling over nothing to colliding with a lamppost, we’ve all had moments that we’d rather forget – they’re so embarrassing that we want to bury our heads in the sand.

It’s even worse when you’re on a date and find yourself in an awkward scenario.

This woman dubbed her date a “dating disaster,” and what a disaster it was.

“Back in the dating game,” Piper Lou began, “this man takes me on a little hike on our second date.”


To put things in perspective, the woman behind the apparel line named after her also revealed that she possesses the world’s smallest bladder.

Piper realized she needed to use the restroom after a bit on the hike.

While attempting to strike up a conversation, the fitness enthusiast keeps an eye out for any potential hotspots for resolving the problem.

“Hey, sorry, I have to pee,” she says after finally locating the ideal spot.

“‘Wow, you’re very naturey!” he exclaims.

But as soon as the hiker concluded her business – “My a** is out, it’s like a solid pee” – she realized she was in serious trouble.

“I couldn’t air-drip since I didn’t want to have wetness in my pants for the rest of the day.”

Piper looked down and noticed some leaves, which she frantically grabbed and did “a quick wipe” with.

“The next thing I know, I have ants all over me – in the vagina, in the trousers,” the woman remembered.

The date had to be cut short due to insects in her pants, and Piper was driven to the local home improvement store, where she stripped down in the washroom and shook out the pants.

Some viewers believed the conclusion might have been far worse, with one remarking, “When you said leaves…my thoughts went to poison oak.” “Thank goodness it was just ants!” Others were interested to see whether there had been any further developments: “OK, but was there a first date?” they wondered. And, thankfully, we’ve learned that there was a follow-up date.

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