‘I went back into the closet,’ says the narrator. After getting a job at the BBC, Owain Wyn Evans suppressed his sexuality.


OWAIN WYN EVANS has opened up about his experience of coming out, revealing he hid his sexuality when he initially started working at the BBC.

Weather presenter Owain Wyn Evans opened up on Wednesday’s instalment of BBC Breakfast, detailing how playing the drums helped him get through a difficult stage in his life. He explained to the hosts when he first got a job at the BBC he “went back into the closet”.

Looking back at some footage of him playing the drums in a band, Owain explained: “I think here I would have been about 17 or 18.”

When asked if he was able to fully be himself at that age, he replied: “No, I hadn’t come out because, you know, at this stage Section 28 was still a thing.”

“You know, someone like me wouldn’t be able to be taught anything about someone like me.

“Even though I came out to some of my friends, I was absolutely not out,” the weather reporter revealed.

Owain went on to detail how he hid his sexuality in the workplace when he began his BBC career.

He explained: “I went back into the closet when I got my job with the BBC because I felt like I had to.

“It was a weird time, but the drums was definitely something that helped me through that,” he added.

Later on, BBC Breakfast host Charlie Stayt chatted to Owain more about his experiences of coming out as a gay man.

He asked Owain to explain some of the difficulties he went through during that time.

The weather presenter replied: “Growing up as a gay man in the 80s and into the 90s, you know, when Section 28 was still a thing and I couldn’t speak about who I was essentially and there weren’t any reference points either.

“You know, I felt like the only gay in the village quite literally,” he remarked.

Owain continued: “Coming out was a big thing and because there wasn’t that visibility back then I suppose, it was hard.


“It was really difficult, but I feel very fortunate that I have a lovely family, had great friends, and the drums also helped me through that,” he added.

Fellow BBC Breakfast star Sally Nugent asked: “How did they help? In what way?”

Owain replied: “It’s interesting Sally, I’ve loved the drums ever since I was a. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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