‘I was terrible!’ – On film, Elvis Presley struggled to pronounce certain words.


‘I was terrible!’ – On film, Elvis Presley struggled to pronounce certain words.

When it came to acting, ELVIS PRESLEY was at the whim of his anxieties, as a speech impediment forced him to struggle through a screen test early in his career.

Elvis Presley was quite open with his fans in the mid-1950s. Elvis Presley, who was only 21 years old at the time, wrote to his fans in a magazine called Elvis Answers Back, where he discussed his greatest accomplishments and tribulations. Elvis Presley explained in the August 28, 1956 issue how he nearly ruined a screen test and his future acting career.

Elvis told up about his main dream – acting – in the lengthy question and answer article.

He said that he went through a screen test for Paramount Pictures boss Mr Hal Wallis three months after landing in Hollywood for the first time.

The Jailhouse Rock singer expressed his anxieties in a blog post, writing: “I was in front of the camera before I realized it.

“I wonder if you’ve ever stood in a movie sound stage and heard a bell ring and people cry ‘silent,’ only to realize that everyone is watching you and you’re supposed to be acting out a part.” (Image courtesy of Elvis.com.au) “I’ll tell you what, it’s enough to make your legs slide out from under you,” Elvis continued. Elvis Presley went on to be a famous film star, with over 30 film credits under his belt, yet he was dissatisfied with his debut performance.

“When the test was over, I believed I’d done terrible,” he added.

Because of an excited stammer, the King lacked confidence in his performance because he frequently missed specific words and letters while speaking.

Despite this, Elvis stated the Hollywood executive supported him.

He expressed himself as follows: “Mr Wallis approached me and told me that some things, such as my missing letters in some sentences, are actually useful in acting.

“It adds to the naturalness of the performance. I gave him a friendly grin and thanked him, but you can guarantee I didn’t mention anything about not missing those letters on purpose!” It was fine with me if what I’d done was natural and they were satisfied with it. It was also a huge relief.” Elvis said, ” “My screen test had come to an end. “Brinkwire Summary News,” I’d left.


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