‘I was mortified,’ Jane Seymour said of James Bond Roger Moore, who made her cry while filming Live and Let Die.


‘I was mortified,’ said Roger Moore, who made Jane Seymour cry during the filming of Live and Let Die.

JAMES BOND LEGEND Roger Moore was known for his dry wit and gentlemanly demeanor, but he made Jane Seymour cry during the filming of Live and Let Die, which he later expressed regret for.

After turning down a staggering (dollar)5.5 million (roughly (dollar)36 million today) to return, the 1973 film introduced the world to a new kind of 007: Sean Connery.

In fact, he would reprise his role as the British superspy in 1983’s Battle of the Bond, which pitted his Never Say Never Again against Moore’s Octopussy.

Meanwhile, after Clint Eastwood declined the role, the suave Englishman stepped in and quickly put his stamp on the character.

Martinis, shaken or not, were not available.

This Bond was a whisky connoisseur.

Moore was also told to keep his arched eyebrows down because they were too linked to his previous role as The Saint.

Off-screen, the 45-year-old was just as charming as he was on-screen, but one encounter with his young co-star backfired spectacularly.

When Seymour got her big break in the war drama The Only Way, she was only 20 years old.

She went on to star in the TV show The Onedin Line two years later, and in the same year, she gained international acclaim for her role as the mysterious Solitaire in the film Live And Let Die.

Catherine Deneuve was considered for the part, and Gayle Hunnicutt was cast but had to drop out due to pregnancy.

The nervous young actress, who is married to Richard Attenborough’s son Michael, arrived on set in Jamaica with a note from her powerful father-in-law, requesting that the crew look after her: “She may well need a shoulder to lean on.”

Seymour always spoke fondly of her leading man in the decades afterward: “He was funny.

In real life, he was far funnier than on screen.

That’s something I always tell people.

He made me laugh out loud.


Moore suggested that they both eat liver and onions before their sex scene, and Seymour awoke to find Moore leaning over her with a cup of tea because filming had gone on for so long.

They could even laugh when they both got dysentery and were stuck in a trailer when it was hit by a car.

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