‘I was heartbroken.’ Nadia Sawalha of Loose Women talks about the agony of almost losing a pet.


‘I was heartbroken.’ Nadia Sawalha of Loose Women talks about the agony of almost losing a pet.

Linda Robson, Nadia Sawalha, and Brenda Edwards joined LOOSE WOMEN host Charlene White on Thursday’s ITV episode. Nadia battled to keep her emotions from streaming down her face as she spoke about her beloved pet nearly dying.

After a long break, Nadia Sawalha was delighted to return to ITV’s Loose Women as a panelist. The presenter sounded emotional as she recalled the previous week’s events and how she nearly lost a dear member of her family as she addressed life under lockdown and a nasty burn she recently sustained.

After sustaining a horrible microwave burn, the TV celebrity returned to the ITV panel program.

Nadia was quick to respond to Charlene’s question regarding her recent stay at home to recover: “It’s been one thing after another.”

She blamed herself for the mishap, stating that she left the lid off a jar of honey in the microwave and it exploded, leaving her with burns down her neck.

Despite the injury, it was her ailing dog Chi Chi who enraged the panelist the most, as she confessed the family was on the verge of losing her.

She claimed that the previous several weeks have been extremely difficult for the family because their dog became unwell, making Nadia’s recovery even more difficult.

“My dogs have been so ill, and I moan about my dog all the time,” the host remarked.

“My dogs drive me insane, but we almost lost her, and we’ve been in pieces as a family,” she stated.

Her anxiety continued when she reported that her daughter Maddie had been “inconsolable.”

Nadia explained, “I was abroad and had to hide a lot of it from Kiki [her second daughter]because she went down with so many severe symptoms so soon.”

“In fact, she was in the hospital, and the veterinarian claimed they didn’t know what was wrong with her.”

Nadia tried to disguise her sadness as she continued to explain the scenario around Chi Chi.

“They claimed no dog they know has ever had as many tests and seen as many specialists,” she continued.

“Anyway, we believed she was going to go completely blind at one point.

“She now has some vision in one eye, and she’s had a lot of biopsies and whatnot, and we were just desperate to bring her home,” said the family.

However, the week’s rollercoaster ride continued. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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