‘I want you to stop eating that,’ said Elvis about a vegetable he despised.


The vegetable that The King despised: ‘I want you to stop eating that,’ he said.

ELVIS PRESLEY had some strange eating habits, but there were some foods he couldn’t stand.

Aside from prohibiting fish from Graceland, the star asked his Memphis Mafia cousin to abstain from eating one vegetable.

Elvis Presley was known for his fondness for hamburgers and Southern comfort foods such as meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

There was also his famous peanut butter and banana sandwich, which was named after him.

However, as his family who lived with him at Graceland revealed, The King did not care for a particular vegetable.

The news was revealed by The King’s cousins in their most recent YouTube videos, which were released today to commemorate Thanksgiving.

“Elvis didn’t care for onions or strong-scented seasonings,” Danny Smith admitted.

Billy Smith, the singer’s first cousin, recalled that the singer despised the taste and smell.

The Memphis Mafia member shared a turkey recipe he cooked for Elvis Presley at Graceland in the mid-1960s in the video below.

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Italian Popcorn Turkey is the name of the recipe, which includes cornbread and Italian seasoning for the dressing.

“We didn’t use any onion in it,” Billy said when asked about the onion.

It didn’t sit well with him.

As a result, we simply did not include it in the dressing.”

When he wasn’t with Elvis, his cousin would eat the vegetable in his own meals until the star noticed one day.

“One night, he called me out there [to Graceland], he wanted me to wash his eyes,” the Memphis Mafia member recalled.

That’s when he got his glaucoma.”

“I had eaten an onion-topped hamburger,” Billy continued.

So, I went out there after brushing my teeth and all that.”

“Hell, I can tell you been eatin’ onion,” Elvis said during the eye washing, to which his cousin replied, “Yeah, I had a hamburger with onion on it.”

“Does it cause you any discomfort?”

“Well, it’s not exactly thrilling me,” the King said, so Billy asked if he wanted him to stop cleaning his eyes.

“No, I don’t want you to eat onion,” Elvis replied, smirking. Billy added with a grin that he was just letting him know.

So, from that point forward.

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