‘I threw my luggage in the sea!’ say cruise passengers about their dramatic boat experiences.


‘I threw my luggage in the sea!’ say cruise passengers.

Passengers on cruise ships have been sharing horror stories about their experiences onboard.

What must passengers do in order to be ejected from a cruise?

The majority of cruise passengers are on board to have a good time and mingle with their fellow passengers.

Onboard, however, there are always a few who cause havoc.

“Have you ever gotten in trouble on a cruise? What happened?” one Reddit user inquired.

Many cruise veterans shared their shocking stories of bad behavior onboard, from fights to overdoing it at the bar.

“On the second day of a seven-day cruise, a guy threw all his girl’s luggage overboard,” one commenter wrote.

“Everything was in there (money, passports, and identification cards).”

For the rest of the cruise, he was placed in the hold.

“When we returned to the home port, he was led off the ship in cuffs.”

Strangely enough, his credit card for the room was still on file, and she charged up a bunch of stuff.”

Throwing a partner’s luggage into the sea, unsurprisingly, is enough to get you kicked off a cruise.

“My father and his fiancée were having a huge argument on board,” another user said.

His fiancée threatened to throw her $20,000 (£14,775) diamond engagement ring into the sea.

“Either my father or his fiancée then tossed his phone into the water.

Then, for the rest of the cruise, they were separated by staff and given separate rooms.”

While the arguing couple was not ejected from their cruise, they were likely forced to pay for a second room.

Despite their dramatic boat argument, the couple was still together 15 years later, according to the Reddit user.

On a cruise vacation, many passengers choose an all-inclusive drinks package.

Unfortunately, unrestricted access to alcoholic beverages can result in problems.

They were cruising with their wife, according to ‘Gurugru99,’ while their parents had a separate cabin down the hall.

“Every morning, I’d secretly change my parents’ breakfast order that they’d leave on their door,” they explained.

“One night, after a few drinks too many, I was walking by my parents’ cabin and noticed their breakfast order for the butler.

“They only wanted coffee, but I threw in a chocolate milkshake and 15 muffins for good measure.”

Butler was a scumbag.

Parents had been p*.

“The muffins were delectable.”

“On my first cruise, my brother’s best friend got into a fist fight with a man he thought had skipped the line at,” another said.

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