‘I thought to myself, f*** this!’ Joan Collins responds to the controversy that led to her leaving Twitter.


‘I thought to myself, f*** this!’ Joan Collins responds to the controversy that led to her leaving Twitter.

JOAN COLLINS has explained why she left Twitter after facing abuse for speaking out against Covid rule breakers.

Joan Collins, 88, chose to leave Twitter after getting a barrage of “nasty insults” when she expressed her displeasure with the violation of Covid rules. In a recent interview, the actress explained why she decided to leave.

This is a joke. This is not anything I require.

Dame Joan Collins is a British actress.

Joan explained why she left Twitter in a recent interview, stating she couldn’t deal with the public backlash.

When she believed her apartment in London’s Belgravia was being violated by lockdown rules, she called the cops and vented her frustrations on Twitter.

For months, scaffolding and workers have been present in the actress’s Belgravia flat, which has enraged Joan, especially during lockdown.

Joan discussed the matter on Twitter at the time and received a barrage of hostile responses.

She described the incident to the Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine on Sunday.

“I got all these terrible comments and thought, “F*** this,” Joan recalled. “I don’t require this.” “As a result, I quit using Twitter.” Joan is renowned for being outspoken about her views, having spoken out against Prime Minister Boris Johnson in July.

“In this, my fifth quarantine, I feel trapped, as though in prison for a crime I didn’t do, with the Covid warden threatening to call or visit at any hours,” she wrote in a column for the Daily Mail.

“On top of that, our building is completely devoid of light and privacy due to the presence of construction workers and scaffolding.”

“It’s all a joke,” Joan added.

“The amount of money this government has squandered ensuring that people who have been twice vaccinated remain in their homes is ridiculous.”

In January, Joan appeared on Good Morning Britain to underscore the significance of vaccinations in the face of the growing pandemic.

“I don’t think these rigorous lockdowns are doing what they should be doing,” she said on the show. “As far as I’m concerned, everyone go get the vaccine.”

She compared the outbreak to World War II on Good Morning Britain in December.

“We’ll meet again, as soon as possible, I hope, and I believe we will,” Joan added.

“Now that we have this vaccine, which I will rush to obtain, I believe we can all begin to look,” Brinkwire Summary News said.


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