‘I think I’m in there,’ Alison Hammond says of her new ‘gardener boyfriend.’


‘I think I’m in there!’ Alison Hammond admits to a new ‘gardener boyfriend.’

ALISON HAMMOND talked about her potential “new boyfriend” after Zoe Ball asked her about it on her BBC Radio 2 show today.

On The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show this morning, Alison Hammond discussed her various love interests, including mystery man “Mark the gardener.”

Alison, 46, met her green-thumbed crush while presenting a segment for This Morning on the spur of the moment.

Zoe began by questioning her about her “new boyfriend,” whom she simply referred to as “Mark the gardener.”

Alison was taken aback, explaining that she had expected Zoe to inquire about James Blunt, who has also entered the race.

“I’m his (James’) celebrity crush, I have a gardener, it’s just too many men,” Alison explained.

She joked, “It’s just getting too much Zoe, I don’t know what I’m going to do!”

Alison went on to say how she met Mark on This Morning in the most amusing of circumstances.

When the incident that brought the two together occurred, the This Morning team was investigating someone who had spent an excessive amount of money on Christmas decorations.

Alison was presenting a segment outside Essex’s “most festive house in England” when a gardener appeared in the shot before quickly edging back out.

“While Holly and Phil were throwing it to Lorraine, this man in the back with me with a wheelbarrow came into shot and then went out of shot because he realized he was on live TV,” Alison said of the hilarious moment.

“But I didn’t see him, so all I heard was Holly and Phillip laughing, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, what have I done now?’ but it was literally that.”

“And then he was just really, really nice to me after that, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, I think I’m in here,'” says the author.

“Yeah, I like gardeners, you know, earthy, big hands, good strength…” Zoe added at that point.

“But they’re always dirty, aren’t they? They’ve got dirty fingers,” Alison added.

The radio host was clearly amused by the remark, and she quickly stated that she would not be commenting on “any more of that.”

Apart from Mark the gardener, Zoe named Michael Buble as one of Alison’s many suitors after she wooed him in a.

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