I slept with my husband’s best friend, and now I share a home with him, my ex, and our children — it works for us.


A MUM has shared how she and her ex-husband are planning an epic party to celebrate their upcoming divorce – after she moved on with his best friend.

Luana Ribeira, 40, from Anglesey, North Wales, was married to James Cohen, 39, for eight years when they realised their relationship had “evolved into friendship”.

The couple, who share daughters Seren, 12, and Electra, 11, split amicably in 2016, but continued living in the same house for a further six months while they navigated their new normal.

While James moved on with a new partner, Luana found love in an unexpected place – James’ long-time best friend, Al Meyer, 36.

The pair reconnected and Luana went to visit him at his home in Portugal.

“It felt so right with Al, it wasn’t weird at all when we got together,” Luana, founder of Dauntless PR, told Jam Press.

“James and I were well and truly apart by that point, so Al called him to see if he was OK with it and he was totally fine.

“Mine and Al’s relationship had evolved into something more than friendship, while for James and I it was the opposite, and we had naturally become just friends.

“The kids didn’t take the news badly either – even with the divorce we didn’t sit them down and deliver sad news, we just explained that the marriage had become a friendship.

“I remember telling them I had a crush on Al and they were like ‘ooh, tell me more’ – it was all just very positive.”

As well as falling for Al, Luana realised she was head-over-heels for the country, and decided to bite the bullet and see if a move out there was possible.

She said: “I got off the plane in Portugal and it just felt like home, so I called James and explained and asked if he would be up for moving too – and he actually said yes.

It felt so right with Al, it wasn’t weird at all when we got together

“He came and we all lived together in a house in Portugal for a year. We all just accepted the situation and it was fine.

“I’m not saying it was always easy – these things take a lot of letting go, which is hard and painful – but we did it.

“We all focused on the future and what each of us wanted, and we made it work.”

Luana and Al eventually moved out, first moving to a remote home for three months living off-grid, where Seren and Electra would come to camp on the weekends, before then getting an apartment.

James stayed in the house with the children… Brinkwire Brief News.


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