I saved hundreds of dollars by buying used presents for my daughters for Christmas, and they don’t seem to mind.


I saved hundreds of dollars by buying used presents for my daughters for Christmas, and they don’t seem to mind.

A MOTHER has revealed how she hopes to celebrate Christmas this year by solely shopping at charity stores, eBay, and internet marketplaces.

Jen Toll, 36, from Oxfordshire, began her unconventional shopping strategy in 2020 after discovering what her children were really playing with during lockdown.

She chose to stay with second-hand shopping in the future after realizing that her children were unconcerned with the original packaging or the condition of the toys. It also saves money and is more environmentally friendly.

Jen told Jam Press, “We had a lot of time at home, of course, to play with toys rather than going out.”

“I just didn’t think they needed to be spanking new, given the state they were in a lot of the time.”

“I’d always kind of done it, but in the middle of 2020, I really embraced it, especially for my second daughter, who was born in February 2020.”

“I had a feeling she’d get a lot of secondhand stuff from her sister anyway.”

The most essential thing for Jen, who is the creator of Practically Positive Ltd and a co-founder of the Festival of The Girl social enterprise, was to be more sustainable.

The couple focused on buying wooden toys with her husband Ed Toll, 43, co-founder of Your Virtual Wellbeing Hub, but they knew there might be some things their children desired that would involve plastic, so they believed buying them secondhand was the best option.

“I felt that we didn’t need to keep making more plastic,” she remarked. That was the most important reason.

“How the youngsters treat the toys was inextricably linked to that.”

“I’m not saying they’re continually breaking them, but when they are, things happen to them – they’re not always going to be in perfect condition.”

“Many children are lucky to have a large number of toys, and they often overlook what they actually have.”

“It allowed us to play around with what people actually enjoy.”

Jen’s finest buy last year was a set of fancy dress clothes, which she knew she’d need to replace soon because her daughter was growing.

“She wanted everything from Star Wars to Elsa,” she explained, “but each outfit is incredibly expensive if you buy it full price.”

“I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on costumes that would only last five minutes because my kid is five and a half but the height of a seven and a half-year-old.”

“I concentrated on finding them secondhand.

“It was rather amusing since getting the appropriate size for her was difficult, and we had to pretend Father Christmas had also delivered a second one… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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