I requested a classic ombre from my hairdresser and ended up with fried hair that was a patchy disaster.


I requested a classic ombre from my hairdresser, but instead received fried hair that was a patchy disaster.

Even the most experienced hairdressers will admit that achieving the perfect ombré is a difficult task.

The popular hair coloring technique first gained popularity on social media a few years ago and is still one of the most popular requests at salons.

A TikTok user, @grazzy170, was inspired by the natural-looking highlight look seen on the runway and decided to give herself a hair transformation.

Although the hair color look, which sees hair gradually transition from darker to lighter tones through the ends, appears simple, it entails a number of steps.

And the 19-year-old’s hairdresser appears to have missed a few.


Her beautiful brunette locks were supposed to be livened up with some caramel tone highlights to add some dimension to the hair, but the anime fan had other ideas.

However, the result was slightly different.

The end result of the hairdresser’s dyeing and bleaching process was far from a natural-looking ombré.

Not only were the ends completely fried, but the hair was left in multiple color patches with no blending.

“Tough times,” Grace said.

“Grace sweetheart, I am so sorry,” one viewer wrote.

“Remember when you used splat pink die in middle school and it came off on your forehead?” one of her friends asked.

“That was unquestionably the worst day of my middle school career,” she responded.

Grace’s natural hair color might be a better choice.

One TikToker wrote: “girl same! that’s why I might try and do it at home instead of going to the salon paying (dollar)230 like:” It appears that hairdressers messing up ombré is a common theme.

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Hair dye isn’t the only thing that gets messed up.

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