‘I passed out from pain.’ Robson Green’s career was nearly devastated by a severe back injury.


‘I passed out from pain.’ Robson Green’s career was nearly devastated by a severe back injury.

In a rediscovered interview, ROBSON GREEN discussed the moment he found he had a terrible back injury after “blacking out” in pain.

Robson Green, 56, of Grantchester, burst a disc in his lower back four years ago while driving to Royal Ascot and “blacked out.” The ITV personality said the pain was so intense that he lost consciousness, prompting his partner Zoila and paramedics to hurry over to see if he was paralyzed.

I blacked out with pain, like if someone had whacked me in the back with a pick axe.

Robson Green is a fictional character created by Robson Green

The actor, who plays Geordie Keating in the ITV drama, claims that his back ailment was caused by a fishing expedition during which he caught a 360kg fish for his Extreme Fishing TV show.

“I was in Costa Rica fishing for gigantic marlin and remember my lower back twitching when I landed one of about 800 pounds,” Robson said last year.

“When I sat down, I felt strange pins and needles in my legs.

He said, “I flew home and sensed something wasn’t right as soon as I stepped off the plane.”

Instead of seeking medical help right away, the actor tried to “ignore” his injury so he could go on a family outing.

“But I was accompanying my Uncle Maddison to Royal Ascot the next day, so I tried to ignore it,” Robson added.

“I bent over to pick up my keys as we dressed up in top hat and tails and were set to leave.”

The actor claimed that the pain from his fishing injury overtook him at that point, and he passed out.

“It was like someone hit me in the back with a pick axe and I blacked out with pain,” Robson explained.

When the actor regained consciousness, he realized he had vomited and was asked by medical personnel if he had lost control of his bladder.

He explained, “When I came around, there were two paramedics standing over me.”

“I’d vomited down my side, my legs were spasming, and my partner, Zoila, was there, upset.

“Then Julia, a gorgeous Australian paramedic, leant down and discreetly asked, ‘Now, Robson, have you wet yourself?’ ‘Did you puke in your pants?’

“And I’m thinking to myself, ‘What?!’ ‘I’m not sure!’ They were checking to see if the burst disc had caused any damage to the spinal cord. ”Brinkwire Summary News,” as it is known.


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