‘I paid nothing,’ says a savvy shopper who reveals how to snag free Tesco yellow sticker bargains.


‘I paid nothing,’ says a savvy shopper who reveals how to snag free Tesco yellow sticker bargains.

YELLOW sticker labels are frequently encountered on food that is approaching its best before date, indicating that the price has been drastically decreased. One thrifty shopper revealed how she obtained £12.75 worth of food for free.

Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, and Morrisons are among the supermarkets that sell yellow sticker labels. The labels are frequently applied to food that is approaching its best before date or that can no longer be sold at full price on store shelves. While the duration of reduced goods vary each supermarket, one clever shopper has given her best shopping techniques for bargain hunters.

Laura Gaga, a North West London public servant who posts about her savings on Instagram, recently revealed LatestDeals.co.uk how she got free goods from Tesco.

“I prefer to eat better or less and prevent food waste whenever possible, so I am always on the search for discounted and free groceries,” she explained.

“Recently, I was able to save money thanks to a good haul from Olio, a food sharing app.

“The Tesco surplus food hero was a volunteer who collected it and distributed it using the app.”

The app is available for Android and Apple smartphones and is free to download.

Customers must then sign up for the app using their email address or connect their Facebook account.

They can then browse freebies from local retailers and choose whatever thing they like for no cost.

Users of the app can then request it and schedule a pick-up, which is handled by volunteers rather than the merchant.

“Everything I grabbed was marked down with a yellow sticker, but I got it all for free,” Laura continued. Butternut squash, a root vegetable medley, a swede, and two bags of parsnips were among the items I received.

“The butternut squash was originally £1.15, but Tesco discounted it to 29p, making it free for me. The medley was initially £1.15, but it was dropped to 29p, so I didn’t have to pay anything.”

Three tubs of salsa, onion houmous, and soya Greek yoghurt were also purchased by the astute shopper.

“Each salsa tub was originally £1.20, lowered to 30p each, and finally free for me,” she continued. The similar reduction was applied to the houmous.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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