I no longer care whether my child is untidy or filthy; I want her to express herself, and I don’t mind if others condemn me.


A MUM has revealed how she’s stopped caring about her daughter being messy and wants her to feel free to express herself.

Sophie Stogden said she “stopped giving a s***” a while ago about her little girl getting muddy and wet, and doesn’t care if people judge her parenting style.

Taking to the Facebook group Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas, she wrote: “I stopped giving a s*** a while ago.

“About what people think or when they stare or judge. About how we raise Alba. Our parenting. On others opinions. On all of it.”

Posting photos of her daughter covered in mud and lying soaked in puddles, she said her girl’s happiness is key.

She continued: “Because when you step back and watch. Allow them to do the things that make them happy, like truly happy.

“That make them belly laugh and roll in puddles.

“And save the Earth with their litter picking and save 100s of snails and bugs and bees. And to express themselves and to really completely fly.

“To forget their struggles, their differences and difficulties and just be the kid that is totally ecstatic to be covered in mud soaked to the bone.

“That’s pretty magical.”

She gushed how the little girl is even doing a 35 mile walk in three days for charity.

Many mums were quick to praise her honest post, with one saying: “Best way to be. I remember letting my son and friend ‘swim’ in a massive puddle and getting funny looks meanwhile they were having the time of their lives.”

Another added: “I never judge others as I get judged a lot for allowing my children to do the same.”

A third commented: “I love this so much but makes me feel riddled with anxiety for so many reasons.”

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