‘I need to be somewhere!’ says Kate Garraway, who is red-faced as the phone rings live on GMB.


‘I need to be somewhere!’ says Kate Garraway, who is red-faced as the phone rings live on GMB.

On Friday’s Good Morning Britain, Kate Garraway was left red-faced when her phone rang during the show, despite the GMB host assuring it wasn’t her phone.

Ben Shephard admonished Kate Garraway, co-host of Good Morning Britain, when her phone started ringing in the ITV studio while they were live on air on Friday. Kate resisted at first before realizing it was her phone ringing, but she admitted she was anxious because she had set an alarm for that hour.

Ben was interrupted during a GMB debate by the sound of a phone alert.

He declared, “That’s Kate’s phone,” as she observed, “It can’t be.”

“On Kate’s phone, there’s a climate problem,” Ben stated, to which Kate replied, “No, it’s not.”

“You’re sitting on it,” Ben said as Kate scrambled to locate her phone.

“Who am I?” Kate pondered before stumbling onto the ringing phone. “It’s quite inconvenient.” “Does that sound like your alarm clock?” “She sits on it because of the vibrations,” said guest Iain in response to Ben’s question. “How did we get here?” “Can you tell me where we are?” Kate was the one who inquired. “Wow, that’s incredible.

“I don’t recall setting an alarm at 6.34 a.m. — what would that be about?”

“You should be somewhere at some time if anyone knows why Kate set an alarm,” Ben joked.

“I need to be somewhere at 6.34 a.m., where am I?” Kate was the one who inquired.

“I’ll tell you what it is – that’s the COP26 climate crisis warning, Jackie,” the Tipping Point host remarked.

Kate later claimed that she was frightened that she had accidentally picked up her daughter Darcey’s phone.

She expressed her wish to Ben that the alarm hadn’t been set for Darcey to get ready for school.

The event was amusing to GMB viewers, who applauded Ben and Kate’s connection.

“@lindsey05125409,” tweeted Lindsey Barrett. This is the first time I’ve ever laughed so early in the morning! “Absolutely fantastic…” “Ok….,” Alison Carr added. When Kate’s alarm went off, who else was looking for their phone? “It was me!” What’s going on in your neighborhood? You can find out by entering your postcode or going to the website. InYourArea “I suppose we’ve all worked with a Kate, you know it’s going to be a nightmare and absolute pandemonium, but it’ll never be boring!” Lorraine wrote. “Absolutely [email protected] you never fail to make me smile,” Clare said. @benshephard and you are a dream team! #theshowmustgoon #ITV #gmb #kategarraway #theshowmustgoon” “Honestly, it cheers me up.” “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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