‘I laughed my head off there,’ Princess Diana said of her Earl’s Court flat with pals.


‘I laughed my head off there,’ Princess Diana said of her Earl’s Court flat with pals.

PRINCESS DIANA spent two years in a flatshare in Earl’s Court before marrying Prince Charles in 1981.

Virginia Clarke, Princess Diana’s old flatmate, placed an English Heritage blue plaque on the Earl’s Court flat where she had resided today. Before Diana married the Prince of Wales in 1981, the two women shared a flat in Earl’s Court for two years. Diana’s award is in recognition of her ‘devotion to humanitarian work,’ and it will serve as the Princess of Wales’s first tourist attraction.

Princess Diana received her Edwardian flat at Coleherne Court as a coming-of-age present from her parents in 1979.

“We had actually drove across London talking about blue plaques, so I knew she would have really appreciated it,” Virginia Clarke stated today.

“Lady Diana Spencer, afterwards Princess of Wales, lived here from 1979 to 1981,” says the plaque.

“I just thought it was so lovely to be able to come and enjoy the good moments – I know she was happy here,” Virginia added.

“She was quite amazing at remembering everyone and chatting to them one-on-one, and I believe she picked up on a lot of people’s situations all over the place wherever she went and just made them feel better.”

“I know there’s a lot of publicity about her charities, which were all amazing, but she was incredibly brilliant at it on a one-to-one basis.”

Diana spent two years in the flat with three close friends, and she once stated it was some of the happiest days of her life.

In February 1981, the Princess of Wales relocated to Clarence House the night before her engagement.

60 Coleherne Court is a home near to Chelsea’s famed King’s Road, where Princess Diana lived as a young woman.

She shared a flat with several companions and was believed to have a ‘Chief Chick’ sign above her bedroom door.

There is a lovely living room, as well as a kitchen and dining space with a bay window with seating, inside the home.

According to Andrew Morton’s book ‘Diana, In Her Own Words,’ Diana remembered her time in the three-bed flat as the happiest of her life.

“It was childlike, naïve, and uncomplicated,” the Princess added. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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