‘I have no idea who the United Kingdom thinks they are.’ – As rates rise, a two-night stay in a UK city will set you back £900.


‘I have no idea who the United Kingdom thinks they are.’ – As rates rise, a two-night stay in a UK city will set you back £900.

STAYCATIONS have become increasingly popular in recent years, and most Britons are opting to stay in the nation due to Covid-related travel limitations. But how much will it cost?

A holidaymaker wrote on Twitter, “Paying £900 for a two-night hotel stay in Brighton when you can get an eight-day stay at a four-star hotel in Bali for the same price.”

Britons appear to have moved on from whining about the cost of a UK staycation to outright resignation.

Holidaymakers have shared their finds, experiences, and comparisons on social media.

In the process, the United Kingdom suffers a setback.

Fellow Britons responded after an original poster shared a two-night hotel stay in Brighton for the same price as a week of luxury in Bali.

“EXACTLY why we went to Greece,” one individual said. We couldn’t afford the vacation we desired in the United Kingdom.”

They responded with another tweet, stating that they had not given up: “Hopefully in a few years if we save…” says the narrator.

During the pandemic, UK prices have risen dramatically, and holidaymakers are feeling the pinch.

“Would have wanted to have explored Cornwall and Devon or Scotland, but the prices were insane,” one Twitter user stated.

Instead, they went on a much-needed vacation to another country.

The price increases are due to a variety of factors, including the increased demand for staycations this year.

“It’s almost like the hotels and hospitality business had a major issue for the last 18 months, meaning they couldn’t earn any money, and now they’ll have to try and generate two years profits in one season simply to keep running,” one person said.

A number of Britons had a very practical solution in the form of camping and caravanning.

“Instead, we bought a nice tent,” one stated. Still had a good time, but would prefer to be able to stay in decent UK accommodation.”

“We luckily had a camper accessible to use and obtained a three-night stay in north Norfolk for £80,” said another. “Job well done.”

The cost of staycations is on everyone’s mind in the United Kingdom, and major corporations are commenting on the increase.

“With many unable to travel abroad as nations shift around the green, amber, and red travel lists, it’s no surprise demand for holiday homes in the UK has soared,” stated the CEO of www.Perrys.co.uk.

The general perception on social media is that traveling abroad is less expensive.

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