‘I felt really humiliated.’ Brenda Blethyn, star of Vera, recalls a humiliating experience.


‘I felt really humiliated.’ Brenda Blethyn, star of Vera, recalls a humiliating experience.

During an interview on Lorraine with Christine Lampard, VERA actor Brenda Blethyn revealed a mortifying encounter she had with her dog Jack.

Brenda Blethyn appeared on Lorraine with Christine Lampard on Tuesday to promote the return of the hit ITV detective drama Vera. During the summer break, the presenter, who has been filling in for Lorraine Kelly, teased the actress about a “embarrassing” moment she had on This Morning.

“What about wonderful Jack, how is he doing?” Christine inquired. Does he pay you a visit on set?”

“He does,” Brenda responded, “but he isn’t very polite, so he has to stay in the office, where the females look after him.”

“He’ll probably stay with me for the next few weeks.

He’s a good boy, and I miss him.”

Brenda was reminded by Christine of a humiliating episode she had with her cat on This Morning.

“None of us will ever forget that great morning, Brenda,” she remarked.

“For those of us who don’t recall, Jack left a lasting impression.”

During Brenda’s visit on This Morning, Lorraine viewers were treated to a humorous clip of her dog bouncing up and down on her.

Brenda attempted a hurried getaway from the set, leaving hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes in fits of laughter.

Brenda confessed, “It had so many clicks on Youtube that it was humiliating.”

“He still does it, he’s been done, and I have no idea why he does it.”

Brenda confessed last year that she had to “ban” her dog from the set of ITV’s Kate and Koji.

Jack was not allowed near the filming, she told Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning.

“And hm, did Jack go in for any filming days?” Phillip inquired.

Brenda joked with Jack by her side, “I guess he’s barred, must have his photo up at the security gate.”

She said, “He did come to the rehearsal, took a shine to Jimmy!”

“Well, we know what that means!” Holly joked. “How much gleam do you want?”

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Jimmy Akingbola, Brenda’s Kate and Koji co-star, responded, “Me and Jack are like BFs, we’re like best buddies now.” He was just hilarious. In rehearsals, he was humming.”

“By the way, this is Jack, and he isn’t a dummy!” Brenda was the one who was speaking. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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