‘I felt I was going to die,’ says the Doctor Who star of reaching rock bottom.


‘I felt I was going to die,’ says the Doctor Who star of reaching rock bottom.

In an interview with Clive, a Plymouth-based Big Issue magazine salesman, actor Christopher Eccleston discussed his mental health.

After having a nervous breakdown, the former Doctor Who actor, who participated in the first series of the show’s resurrection in 2005, said he “thought he would die.”

After being rushed to the hospital with severe clinical depression, the 57-year-old actor went up about his lowest period, saying he “almost lost everything.”

Christopher, who works as an ambassador for the Big Issue, said: ” “I believe that the popular perception of those who sell The Big Issue is that they have never lived a “successful life.”

“However, I realized that when I was hospitalized with severe clinical depression… I nearly lost everything,” he continued.

According to Christopher, “I had a dream one night that I was going to die. With a suitcase in my hand, I dashed along Euston Road.

“If anyone had seen me now, they would have said, ‘Oh, there’s Doctor Who.’

Christopher continues: “My point is that I don’t believe most people realize how rapidly it may happen.

“This is especially true during economic downturns.”

Christopher describes “breaking down” and experiencing a mental health episode while filming for the first season of BBC TV’s The A Word, which aired in 2016.

He stated, ” “I was portraying a humorous and bluff character named Maurice.

“I was dressing up like him for ten hours a day, then going back to my hotel room and not sleeping.” He went on to say: “I later learned that I’d been in fight or flight mode for a couple of years and that my brain chemistry was warning me that I was about to die since I couldn’t fight or fly.

“I wasn’t planning on taking my own life. I’m not sure if it qualifies as psychosis, but I spent the entire night certain that I was going to die.

“But when 7 a.m. rolled around, I’d go to work and find Maurice’s costume.

“And, Clive, I swear to you, I put it on and was fine.”

Clive and I agreed to collaborate in the future during our talk.

Clive has created a short piece that will be played alongside NHS The Musical at Plymouth’s Theatre Royal.


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