‘I don’t want this to be over!’ says Stacey Solomon as her unborn daughter ‘drops.’


‘I don’t want this to be over!’ says Stacey Solomon as her unborn daughter ‘drops.’

STACEY SOLOMON shared a candid pregnancy update on social media, revealing that her unborn girl had “fallen” into her pelvis, causing her to “worry.”

Stacey Solomon, 31, of Tap to Tidy, took to Instagram to reveal that she is at a “panicked” stage of her pregnancy, claiming that her baby daughter “fell” into her pelvis last night. The mother-of-three, who is expecting her second child with boyfriend Joe Swash, 39, recently celebrated her 33rd week of pregnancy and revealed that she is still working on finishing the interiors of Pickle Cottage before receiving her fourth child.

I’m worried since I feel like she’s recently gone downhill.

Solomon, Stacey

Given her 4.6 million Instagram followers, the Loose Women panelist explained how she believes her body is preparing for labor.

The celebrity shared an update on her pregnancy by posting a brief video of herself with her distinctive top knot and matching grey pj set.

“I feel like she’s really slipped down recently, which is making me panic,” Stacey added.

“I don’t want this to end!” exclaims the narrator. She sobbed.

“Also, if you could wait till we finish the utility kitchen and front room, that would be great!” she joked, her bump cradled in her arms.

“In other news, I feel like she’s really dropped recently, so I’m in panic nesting mode,” Stacey wrote in the captions.

“I have a lot of things I want to finish, and I don’t want this pregnancy to end.”

“I’m going to bed with myself, my tea, and a little little pickle,” she continued.

She closed the update by saying, “Hopefully she’s just resting in my vagina because it’s comfortable, not because she wants to make an appearance anytime soon.”

When the baby’s head truly lowers into the lower pelvis, this is referred to as a “head drop.”

This can happen as early as a few weeks before delivery, allowing Stacey plenty of time to finish her home.

The presenter recently revealed how she and Joe have been rushing to finish the interior of Pickle Cottage in preparation for the arrival of their daughter.

The flame-haired actress recently unveiled a breathtaking makeover of her daughter’s room, which includes a charming pink and white floral wall and light-colored parquet flooring.

She also chronicled the odyssey of putting in a bathtub in her and Joe’s bedroom, which was hidden beneath the bed. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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