I discovered a single blonde strand of hair on my boyfriend’s bed, and I went to great lengths to catch him cheating.


I discovered a single blonde strand of hair on my boyfriend’s bed, and I went to great lengths to catch him cheating.

When you get that gut-wrenching feeling that your partner is up to no good behind your back, it’s a day most people dread.

However, after discovering evidence that made her suspect her boyfriend was doing the dirty, one woman went to great lengths to discover the truth.

Hana Belay, who is thought to live in Australia, uploaded the video to her TikTok account, where it has over two million views.

Hana recalls that she and her boyfriend were in a serious long-distance relationship at the time.

She had gone to his apartment to stay with him when she noticed a single strand of blonde hair on his pillow that she knew didn’t belong to him or herself.

After spotting the single strand of hair, Hana became suspicious of her partner’s fidelity, and her gut told her to do some digging to find out the truth.

She had a gut feeling he’d try to lie about the situation, so instead of confronting him, she began gathering evidence for her case.

Hana decided to log on to Facebook and look through her partner’s friend list to see if she could figure out whose hair it was.

Hana went through his entire list of friends on the popular social media site, looking for any females with blonde hair who lived in the same area as him.

Hana was able to find one girl from the list who perfectly fit the criteria after narrowing down her search, and it was someone who worked with her partner.

Hana took her shot and revealed that she had discovered deleted messages between the two, confirming her suspicions that she had found the right person.

She messaged his coworker ‘good night’ on her partner’s phone and waited for a response.

“Good night baby, I can’t wait to see you,” the girl responded quickly via text message.

Hana had all the proof she needed to expose her then-boyfriend as a cheater, and she warned her fans to trust their instincts.

“The instinct was not to approach him, find her, and message her,” Hana went on to say in a comment.

I had a feeling he was up to something, but I didn’t know what.”

Users were blown away by Hana’s detective work, with one user remarking, “Imagine if the FBI field was mostly females.”

“No crime would go unsolved,” Hana responded.

“All of that with just one hair,” one user exclaimed.

“Women have a great deal of power.”

“Men really don’t believe us when we tell them WE..” said a third person.

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