‘I disagree with him,’ I say. Lorraine Kelly slams Prince William for remarking on the space race.


‘I disagree with him,’ I say. Lorraine Kelly slams Prince William for remarking on the space race.

LORRAINE KELLY has slammed Prince William for criticizing the space race and urging instead that the focus be on saving the Earth.

During Thursday’s episode of Lorraine Kelly’s show, she told ITV viewers she “didn’t agree at all” with the Duke of Cambridge’s views about the space race. It comes after Prince William made a veiled dig at Amazon founder Jeff Bezos during an exclusive interview with BBC Newscast’s Adam Fleming, launching a rocket produced by his company.

Lorraine and space expert Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock talked about Mr Bezos blasting off to the edge of space with Star Trek star William Shatner and two other passengers on Wednesday during the program.

Before going on to The Duke of Cambridge’s thoughts on the space race, the two expressed their pleasure at the historic mission.

They talked about the Duke’s interview, which aired on Thursday’s episode of BBC Breakfast, in which he warned viewers that “if we’re not cautious, we’re robbing from our children’s future via what we do now,” as attention shifts to the space race rather than climate change.

Lorraine, on the other hand, told her viewers that she entirely disagreed with William’s comments during the interview.

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“Prince William has had a go at it, and I don’t agree with him at all since space exploration has given us so much knowledge,” the 61-year-old host remarked.

Lorraine believes that space travel has “improved our lives” by allowing scientists to better comprehend climate change and communication.

“And getting into space is actually more about what we can do for the world,” she continued.

“People, I believe, forget this at times. As a result, I completely disagree with him.” Dr. Maggie chimed in: “So, while I don’t agree with him, I have articulated a viewpoint that is comparable to his.

“And I go out and see tens of thousands of schoolchildren, trying to urge them to pursue STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics] careers through space.”

Dr. Maggie is a space scientist, scientific communicator, and host of the BBC’s The Sky at Night program. She is an honorary research associate in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at University College London.

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