‘I died off-screen,’ says Ben Miller, who played Bridgerton in Death in Paradise.


‘I died off-screen,’ says Death in Paradise actor Ben Miller, hinting at a possible Bridgerton return.

In an exclusive interview with This website, Ben Miller, who plays Lord Featherington in DEATH IN PARADISE, hinted that his character may return to Bridgerton despite his supposed “death.”

Ben Miller, who played DI Richard Poole in the first two series of Death in Paradise, recently appeared in Netflix’s smash hit show Bridgerton as the lecherous Lord Featherington.

Aside from his recent role in the high-profile period drama, the Armstrong and Miller star can also be seen in ITV’s new crime drama Professor T, and has recently published his fifth Christmas novel, Diary of a Christmas Elf.

Ben, 55, told This website that while Lord Featherington of Bridgerton was allegedly murdered by being forced to drink laudanum, the fact that he never died on screen leaves his death rather open-ended.

“Who knows? You don’t actually see him die,” Ben said when asked if his character might return.

“It happens off-screen and…I’m not sure.”

As far as I’m aware, I’m no longer alive.

“However, there must be a nagging doubt in my mind.”

He wondered aloud, “I just think, seeing as you didn’t see him die…”

The actor went on to say how much fun he had playing the villain.

“It’s so sad because I was really enjoying myself,” he said about being killed off.

“It’s always fun to play the bad guy, but it was also thrilling.

“There aren’t many death scenes like mine, and being murdered by being forced to drink laudanum is unusual.”

From a narrative standpoint, the actor also talked about how unique he thought the fictional Featherington family was.

“I like the character because…” “In family therapy, they talk about the unidentified patient,” says the character.

“In other words, there are family members who appear to be having serious problems, such as Lady Featherington or Penelope.”

“But, of course, as the story progresses, you realize that Lord Featherington is the true source of all this, and that’s a fascinating story.”

That was the first time I’d heard that story.”

The star went on to explain how, despite being “a bit of nothing to begin with,” Lord Featherington managed to become the source of all the family’s problems.

“You realize what a bad situation he’s put his family in, and they’re all in denial.”

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