I didn’t want my life to be shortened.’ Fern Britton shares her thoughts on ‘life-saving’ surgery.


I didn’t want my life to be shortened.’ Fern Britton shares her thoughts on ‘life-saving’ surgery.

FERN BRITTON has spoken out about her “life-saving” choice to get a gastric band, revealing that she faced “two years of venom from the media” as a result of the procedure.

On an episode of Iain Dale’s Bookclub podcast, Fern Britton, who used to co-host This Morning with Philip Schofield, honestly described her choice to undergo a gastric band. She explained to Iain that she underwent the operation because she “didn’t want her life cut short” because she was on the verge of diabetes and arthritis.

The award-winning television host was invited to appear on an episode of Iain Dale’s Bookclub podcast, where the two talked about her career in broadcasting and the hostility she’s received because of her weight.

“We all have things in our lives we’d rather others didn’t know about,” Iain explained, “but there are so many different celebrity magazines and television channels now that offer these types of gossipy programmes.”

“You can bet your bottom dollar that if there is something you don’t want the world to know about, they will find out about it at some point.”

Fern agreed and admitted that she has always been “very open” about things, but groaned and claimed that nowadays “everybody knows everything.”

As she apologizes to Lorraine, Michelle Heaton breaks down.

“It’s much simpler to get it over with, you know?” she replied.

Iain went on to say that Fern has always been upfront about her weight throughout her life.

“Yes, and I’ll say one thing about that [weight],” she said.

“I got my gastric band, which was fantastic, and I truly believed I could have something for myself.

“It was a private medical treatment that, to be honest, saved my life since I was on the verge of developing arthritis and diabetes and didn’t want to have my life cut short.”

Fern had no idea, however, that her treatment would spark a media frenzy for the next two years.

“I got two years of complete vitriol from the media because I had the courage not to inform a newspaper,” she stated.

Fern was working on This Morning at the time, and she revealed that she received “masses” of emails concerning her weight every day after taping.

“And now it’s in the news that we’re all going to receive gastric bands on the NHS because it benefits us,” she continued.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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