‘I didn’t listen to her,’ Karren Brady said, referring to his predecessor on The Apprentice.


‘I didn’t listen to her,’ Karren Brady said, ignoring his predecessor on The Apprentice.

When she first joined The Apprentice, KARREN BRADY dismissed Margaret Mountford’s advice.

Baroness Karren Brady, 52, is set to return to television screens tonight when the new season of BBC One’s The Apprentice premieres.

In 2009, the business executive replaced Margaret Mountford as Lord Alan Sugar’s assistant on the hit show.

The latter left the series, but returned as a guest interviewer in Series 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Margaret, Karren said, gave her “the best advice” before she started her new job.

The businesswoman, on the other hand, disregarded her advice, only to come to regret it later.

“I think Margaret gave me the best advice coming into this show,” she explained.

“Margaret decided she didn’t want to do it any longer, so Ellen asked me to step in.”

“And, while we’re on the subject of shoes, she called me and said, ‘I’m telling you right now, wear trainers,’ she said, ‘You’re on your feet 12 hours a day.'”

“Of course, I didn’t follow her advice,” the West Ham vice-chairman added.

“I wore heels in the first episode, and I remember laying in the bath with my feet throbbing at the end of the first day.”

“I quickly followed Margaret’s advice and put on my trainers.”

“As a result, I’ve discovered that I can’t stand on my feet for more than 12 hours without wearing trainers.”

Karren also discussed the importance of The Apprentice and how it has impacted people’s lives.

“It’s been a true honor and privilege to be a part of such a fantastic show that truly, unlike any other, changes people’s lives,” she continued.

“And we’ve seen some incredible things and visited some incredible places, as well as met some amazing people.”

“There are also other companies in the background that assist us with innovation and design…

Those in charge of setting up the venues…

“It’s an honor to be a part of it.”

As I previously stated, it has been a true honor and privilege.”

Karren recently teased fans about what to expect when The Apprentice returns tonight.

“I can tell you it goes from bad to worse wait until you see this opening episode,” she said on Tuesday on This Morning.

“I can tell you that The Apprentice is back with a bang.”

“Well, the first episode really kicks off with a bang as Alan sends the candidates off on a cruise ship to brand a cruise experience,” she continued.

“As well as.

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