‘I despised him!’ Jeremy Clarkson admits to peeing in a trophy hunter’s shoe in order to exact epic vengeance.


‘I despised him!’ Jeremy Clarkson admits to peeing in a trophy hunter’s shoe in order to exact epic vengeance.

JEREMY CLARKSON once urinated in the shoes of a trophy hunter in retaliation for killing endangered animals.

Jeremy Clarkson, host of The Grand Tour, stated a dentist he knew loves animal killing, so he resolved to avenge himself. On a molecular level, the 61-year-old “hated” the perpetrator. “There are a lot of dentists in America – and they’re always dentists, for some reason – who like to kill lions,” the host remarked. Elephants, for example. Or rhinoceroses.

“Once, in the freezing wilderness at the top of Canada, I met one.

“He was well-known in the tooth-whitening industry and had taken a ‘coupla’ fun weeks off’ to scare away a polar bear.”

“I despised him on a molecular level,” Jeremy told The Sun, “and must confess that one night, while he was sleeping, I p****d in his shoes.”

The presenter kept his opponent’s identity a secret, but his admission came after American dentist Walter Palmer killed Cecil the lion, a 13-year-old boy, in 2015.

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The trophy hunter is alleged to have spent up to £80,000 to shoot the massive ram in Mongolia.

Walter’s actions sparked public outcry, prompting him to flee the country.

In other news, for his own solo show Clarkson’s Farm last year, Jeremy swapped vehicles for farming tasks.

The presenter purchased Diddly Squat Farm 12 years ago and developed his own farm business since then.

In his show, he and others, including his partner Lisa Hogan and farmer Kaleb Cooper, give viewers an inside look at how they run the farm.

He grew distraught during one episode when he had to put down three of his sheep.

Jeremy was told that the ewes would be unable to produce healthy lambs and that he should have them put down because he didn’t consider them pets.

“I’m a sheep farmer,” he stated on the show, “and this is what sheep farmers do, they take their animals to the abattoir.”

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“What I really needed were a few soothing words informing me that what I was doing was wrong,” Jeremy said as the sheep were brought out of his trailer and into a corral.

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