I despise my obnoxious adolescent daughter, who throws tantrums and can be quite cruel; a friend describes me as a “terrible” human.


I despise my obnoxious adolescent daughter, who throws tantrums and can be quite cruel; a friend describes me as a “terrible” human.

A MOTHER has made an astonishing admission: she despises her own daughter.

Of course, the mother loves her daughter, but she believes she went wrong somewhere in the parenting process because her daughter has the stereotypical angsty teen attitude.

“Don’t get me wrong, I adore her, but she’s not very likable,” the mother reasoned in a Reddit post about her worries.

“She is quite cruel to me, always making sly remarks like calling what I’m wearing ugly if I say I like it.

She is cruel to her younger siblings and frequently bullies them.”

When things don’t go her way, her daughter throws temper tantrums, and she’s even hurt herself in retaliation for being disciplined, according to her mother.

Overall, the erratic teen enjoys playing the victim and twisting the mother’s words, making the mother feel as if she can never win.

When she shared her true feelings with one of her best friends, who called her a “terrible person,” the matriarch finally snapped.

The mother expressed her dissatisfaction with the situation, but insisted that she is “always affectionate and there for her no matter what,” regardless of how her daughter acts.

The mother turned to the internet for unbiased advice, but the results were mixed.

Some people expressed sympathy for the mother, telling her, “It’s okay not to like that [your child is a brat].”

“(some) Teenagers suck,” wrote another.


It’s fine to feel this way; just stick to your rules.”

Others, on the other hand, were not so sympathetic.

One user suggested, “Get some therapy and parent your kid.”

A fourth user advised the frustrated mother to never express her feelings to her child because it would make her feel unloved and cause her to act out even more.

After reading the comments, the mother went back to her original post to thank everyone for their different perspectives on the subject.

She also informed people that she has an upcoming therapy appointment and that she is arranging for her daughter to see a therapist.

Unfortunately, her daughter is said to have refused to speak to the professional and instead sits in her sessions making faces.

“Thank you again for all of the responses,” the mother wrote, “even those who have questioned my parenting skills.”

“In terms of how I am as a mother, I have a lot to think about.”

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