‘I can’t accept this,’ Queen Elizabeth says of Roger Taylor’s unbelievable generosity to visitors at his home.


‘I can’t accept this,’ says Queen Elizabeth II of Roger Taylor’s extraordinary generosity to visitors at his home.

When visiting QUEEN drummer Roger Taylor’s Downton Abbey-style castle, a famous American comedian “lost his s***.”

Before Freddie Mercury’s bandmate gave the Las Vegas prop comic an extremely personal item as a gift for his birthday, Carrot Top shared how his girlfriend almost embarrassed him in front of the rock legend.

It’s unsurprising that Queen, as huge rock stars, occasionally perform in Las Vegas.

Prop comic Carrot Top, who has a residency at the Luxor Hotel and Casino, has been performing in Sin City for almost 30 years.

Celebrities have visited the red-headed comedian’s show over the years, but one of the highlights for him was seeing Brian May and Roger Taylor.

He had no idea what was going to happen next.

Carrot Top told fellow comedian Joe Rogan on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast about being told after a show years ago that one of the rock legends was in the audience.

“What’s funny is they told me after so I didn’t know he was out there,” the 56-year-old, a huge fan of the band, told Rogan.

“Roger Taylor wants to come back and say hello!” they said.

The prop comic complimented the Queen drummer on how nice he was backstage, taking photos with his crew and him.

“You must stay at the house yeah?” Roger said when Carrot Top told him he was coming to London with his girlfriend soon.

The Las Vegas performer initially mistook the rocker for a friend, but after learning that he wasn’t, they agreed to meet for a drink when he flew across the Atlantic.

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So Carrot Top and his girlfriend flew to England and visited Stonehenge, where she was not feeling well.

“My girlfriend was on her deathbed,” he told Rogan.

I’m not sure if she was sick or simply didn’t like looking at rocks.”

Despite knowing Roger’s location, the comedian was desperate to see him.

“News from the Brinkwire.”

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