‘I burst into tears!’ Ore Oduba of Celebrity SAS discusses the show’s traumatic aftermath.


‘I burst into tears!’ Ore Oduba of Celebrity SAS discusses the show’s traumatic aftermath.

Ore Oduba, a competitor on CELEBRITY SAS, has spoken out about an emotional reunion following the Channel 4 series’ filming.

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins airs its last episode on Channel 4 on Sunday night, with the contestants facing their final tasks. Ore Oduba is one of the six celebrities left in the competition, which he describes as a “haunting” experience. Ore revealed his tearful reunion with his family after returning home from the grueling battle in an interview with this website and other media.

On the secluded island of Raasay, the celebrity candidates have faced a lot of difficult obstacles.

Ore, on the other hand, confessed that the truth of what he’d gone through on the show didn’t hit him until he was reunited with his family after filming.

He said he was “battered” and covered in bandages when he finally arrived home.

“I entered in the door and the first person to ask me was my kid, who looked at my bandages and asked, ‘Are you okay daddy?’ and I broke down,” Ore recalled.

“When my three-year-old kid asked whether I was okay – two-year-old at the time – I spontaneously broke down in tears because the truth of what I’d been through physically hit,” Ore continued.

He described how difficult it was to return to normal life after such an intensive experience on the show.

“To exist in that world, you have to suspend a lot of things that you would feel as a civilian, as a person in normal life,” Ore said.

“It takes you through a lot of obstacles,” he explained, “but you also have to be able to cope with it and talk about it.”

The celebrity recounted one of his first workouts after filming, describing how it brought back memories of his “military experience” on the show.

“There was an aspect of PTSD following the show,” he said, referring to how severe the Celebrity SAS trials were.

“I’ve never had an encounter like that,” he admitted, “that tormented me for days afterward.”

Ore, on the other hand, made it plain that the Channel 4 show supported him and his other candidates after filming was completed.

The former Strictly Come Dancing star stated that he had access to a psychotherapist both during filming and afterward.

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