I Am Your Father, Valentin, on ‘General Hospital’ Weekly Recap! Furthermore, Thank You For The Memories, Jason – Sonny


I Am Your Father, Valentin, on ‘General Hospital’ Weekly Recap! Furthermore, Thank You For The Memories, Jason – Sonny

For some of our favorite characters, this week’s episode of General Hospital was a doozy. Valentin is still suffering after Victor’s parentage news.

And fans are left wondering what will happen in the near future, particularly in regards to Anna. Sonny is also left speechless when Jason tells him the truth. How will the Corinthos capo deal with his right-hand man’s feelings for his wife? Valentin is left reeling after Victor’s disclosure on ‘General Hospital.’ Let’s ignore the issue that we have no way of knowing whether Victor is telling the truth. (Spoiler alert: he very well may not be.) He’s a tyrant.

That’s what terrible guys do: they fabricate information.) “I am your father,” he said on the Oct. 7 episode of General Hospital, something no one with any sanity wants to hear. And to whom did he say it? Valentin, to be precise. According to Soaps @ SheKnows, Victor informed Valentin that the proof of his fatherhood is in the pudding: he has assisted him in every way he could for all these years, and it wasn’t out of kindness. (What kind of heart is this?) Victor reminded Valentin that their first priority should be to locate and stop Peter. Valentin isn’t going to obey that fundamental directive, according to the newest General Hospital spoilers, and will instead follow his heart (or other body parts) directly into Anna’s arms.

By the way, no matter what Victor says about Robert Scorpio, Valentin isn’t about to let Anna fall in love with him again without a struggle.

Jason tells Sonny about his actual love for Carly.

Meanwhile, Sonny learned the truth from his right-hand guy on the Oct. 14 episode of General Hospital. Jason explained to his boss that, despite the fact that he and Carly ended their relationship many years ago, he began to fall in love with her again when Sonny was away in Nixon Falls playing “Mike.” According to Soaps @ SheKnows, the only thing that saves Jason’s neck from Sonny’s fury is his admission that the marriage is merely about “business.” Sonny, on the other hand, has already admitted that he can’t turn off his affections for Carly.

Why would he, after all? That’s Port Charles’ Helen of Troy, and she’ll get her man no matter what.

The question is, who does Carly prefer?

Sonny accepts second-best —… Brinkwire Entertainment breaking news.


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