‘I adore this!’ What to know about Aldi’s sell-out discount hot pool, which will be back next week.


‘I adore this!’ What to know about Aldi’s sell-out discount hot pool, which will be back next week.

Next week, ALDI will reintroduce its popular inflatable hot tub. The last time the Specialbuy was available, it sold out in less than a day.

Every Thursday and Sunday, Aldi releases its Specialbuys. These items are divided into several categories, including household, garden, pet, children, and others.

The Intex Spa Pool is the most recent Specialbuy offering to thrill Aldi shoppers.

The tub, which costs £349.99, has previously piqued the interest of Aldi shoppers, selling out in less than a day the last time it was available.

Shoppers now have a second chance to get their hands on the goods.

On Sunday, August 15th, the must-have hot tub will be on sale. Here you’ll find special deals.

Customers will, however, be able to pre-order the goods solely online.

However, this means that it will arrive just in time for the August bank holiday.

The last weekend in August is forecasted to be bright, with some news outlets predicting a heat wave.

Aldi’s delivery service costs £3.95, but it saves customers the time and effort of driving to an Aldi shop.

There are 135 air jets in the hot tub, as well as water conditioning and automatic heating.

It has two headrests, filter cartridges, a ground cloth, and a lockable insulated cover that can accommodate four adults.

Chemicals, which are not included with the tub, will be needed to keep the water fresh.

The chemicals for Aldi’s Spa Pool can be purchased separately for £19.99.

In addition, a £12.99 tub maintenance kit is available.

Although Aldi’s hot tub is a good deal, there are other hot tubs on the market that are a little less expensive.

For £275, Morrisons has a Lay-Z Spa hot tub that is accessible in stores but isn’t as powerful as Aldi’s.

Meanwhile, B&Q is selling a Miami hot tub for £330.

This one isn’t as powerful as Aldi’s, with only 81 air jets.

Customers have already weighed in on Aldi’s hot tub, expressing their thoughts on the product when it was last on sale.

“Wonderful hot tub!” one customer exclaimed. Durable and simple to use! “Highly recommended!”

“I love this spa,” another customer said. Took us to our French home. It was simple to put together and we had a lot of fun with it. It was a trial purchase to test if we enjoyed a spa before investing in a larger, more permanent spa. “Brinkwire Summary News” is something we like.


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