Hundreds of visitors forced to flee Spain due to a fire – “inexcusable”


Hundreds of visitors forced to flee Spain due to a fire – “inexcusable”

A WILDFIRE in the Spanish holiday destination of Costa Brava has caused hundreds of holidaymakers to flee after a fire alert was issued earlier today.

Holidaymakers in the Costa Brava region of Spain have been advised to vacate their homes as quickly as possible, as the wildfire has already burned 1,000 acres.

A fire in Costa Brava, on Spain’s north-east coast, erupted yesterday and has yet to be put out, wreaking havoc in the tourist area.

Firefighters are currently attempting to suppress the wildfire with water-carrying planes.

According to the fire department, more than 400 people have already been evacuated from their homes.

The Costa Brava is a popular holiday destination, with hundreds of Britons flocking to Cadaques each year.

The fire is currently thought to have been sparked by a discarded cigarette.

The fire, which burned over 1,000 acres, started at the Cap de Creus Natural Park, which is a major tourist destination.

“We’re trying to get the fire under control right now utilizing six aircraft that are spraying water on the flames and 90 fire firefighters on the ground,” said Sergi Palacios of the regional government.

The firefighters were shown clambering through the rocky area during the night in videos released earlier today.

As the fire reached the residences this morning, more than three residential zones had already been evacuated.

After hundreds of tourists were forced to flee their vacation homes, the local government set up hotels and temporary lodging.

The majority of highways are already closed, and authorities are advising residents to abandon their homes because the situation is expected to worsen.

Anyone discovered to be culpable, according to the police, will face criminal charges.

Jordi Puignero stated, “One careless cigarette butt is 50 years of reforestation.”

Strong gusts are common in the Costa Brava area, making the fire even more difficult to put out.

If the situation does not improve, experts say it might burn up to 5,000 acres.

Many tourists have been impacted because they have been unable to go to their residences and hotels since the fire began.

Because the Costa Brava region is so near to the French border, the local government has requested assistance from France. Later today, France is planned to send more water-carrying planes.

As the situation worsened, many residents turned to social media.

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