Hulu is raising the price of their live TV package, but there’s a catch.


Hulu is raising the price of their live TV package, but there’s a catch.

Hulu is hiking the pricing for its two most expensive membership tiers, although those services will now include Disney(plus) and ESPN(plus). According to The Verge, Hulu (plus) Live TV will increase in price from (dollar)65 to (dollar)70 per month, while Hulu (plus) Live TV without advertising will increase in price from (dollar)71 to (dollar)76 per month. Still, for users looking for a streaming alternative to cable, this could be the greatest value yet.

Hulu’s two live TV membership packages were already appealing to cord-cutters who wanted to watch current network and cable series, as well as live sports, award shows, and other special events. Now, the firm’s parent corporation, Disney, is sweetening the deal with a minor price hike. The additional (dollar)5 per month is still less than what a client would have spent separately for Disney(plus) (dollar)7 and ESPN(plus) (dollar)8. Of course, this will be a bummer for Hulu (plus) Live TV subscribers who aren’t interested in the bundle.

To be clear, this adjustment will have no effect on Hulu’s much cheaper tiers. The ad-supported edition of the streamer costs (dollar)7 per month, while the ad-free version costs (dollar)13 per month. These costs went up last month, but they won’t go up with their live TV equivalents this time.

In these lower tiers, Hulu also offers “The Disney Bundle,” which includes Hulu’s streaming-only platform, Disney(plus), and ESPN(plus) for a discounted fee. The first edition costs (dollar)13.99 per month and includes Hulu with advertisements, while the second version costs (dollar)19.99 per month and includes Hulu without ads. Customers who wanted to bundle Hulu (plus) Live TV with Disney(plus) and ESPN(plus) used to have to pay (dollar)72.99 per month to get started. Until recently, there hasn’t been an ad-free version of this plan.

Customers of Hulu (plus) Live TV were smacked with a price increase around a year ago, which did not go down well. Customers are now anxious that firms will continue to justify price increases year after year, until their streaming bill resembles a cable bill. Simultaneously, internet service providers are placing data limits on an increasing number of subscribers, further complicating the entertainment equation.

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