Hugh Quarshie’s portrayal in ITV drama has left Stephen Lawrence’s father in tears.


Hugh Quarshie’s portrayal in ITV drama has left Stephen Lawrence’s father in tears.

Neville Lawrence, Stephen Lawrence’s father, has spoken out about his reaction to former Holby City actor Hugh Quarshie portraying him in the new ITV drama about his late son’s death.

Stephen was 18 years old when he was murdered in a racially motivated attack in South-East London about 30 years ago. The Murder of Stephen Lawrence, a new three-part drama set 13 years after the film aired on ITV in 1999, will investigate how Neville and his late son’s mother, Doreen Lawrence, continued to struggle for justice. Hugh, who played Stephen’s father in the initial dramatisation of the murder, reprises his role as Stephen’s father in the current episodes, which made Neville cry when he saw them.

“Hugh Quarshie played me in the first film, ‘The Murder of Stephen Lawrence,’ in 1999, as well as in ‘Stephen,’” Neville explained.

“I was sitting here watching this new film and it felt like I was staring at myself,” he said, adding that his eyes welled up with tears.

“You’re gazing at that and saying to yourself, ‘That’s me.’ It’s as though you’re looking in the mirror at yourself. Hugh gives an outstanding performance.

“After the first picture, I had the pleasure of meeting him. He’s a laid-back, no-nonsense guy who plays a character as if it’s him.”

“This new drama is fantastic. I congratulate everyone who was involved. They’ve all done an outstanding job,” he remarked.

“A whole new generation of people needs to know about my son’s murder and what happened after that,” Stephen’s father stated.

“There are also other families who have gone through and are now going through the same thing we did all those years ago.

“We need to remind them so that people can get a better understanding of the anguish that families like ours, as well as countless other families who have lost loved ones in similar situations, have experienced and continue to experience.

“To see that we, as a family, were able to fight for some sort of justice. I’m delighted this TV drama will serve as a reminder to people that they should never give up.”

My eyes were welling up with tears.

Lawrence, Neville

“You keep fighting no matter how long it takes,” Neville said, referring to Doreen and himself, who are still fighting to this day.

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