Huey Lewis, 71,’may never perform again’ owing to hearing loss, leaving Piers Morgan’sad’.


Huey Lewis, 71,’may never perform again’ owing to hearing loss, leaving Piers Morgan’sad’.

PIERS MORGAN has expressed his feelings after meeting Huey Lewis, the singer, at a recent event.

Piers Morgan is no stranger to rubbing elbows with celebrities from the worlds of theater, film, and television. The presenter, on the other hand, has recently reflected on his most recent contact with a celebrity, expressing his disappointment at seeing artist Huey Lewis.

Piers mentioned him in his most recent column, recalling seeing him at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship.

A few weeks back, the broadcaster was a guest at a celebrity golf tournament.

Following the matches, Piers stated that Ronan Keating, Tom Chaplin, and Bradley Simpson of The Vamps gave outstanding performances at the evening gala.

The outspoken host, however, also revealed the “sad” news that Huey might never perform again.

Piers revealed that he typically performs at the event, but that due to his health, he was unable to do so this year.

The actor who played Marty McFly in Back to the Future was a visitor at the golf tournament.

“Huey Lewis regularly accompanies them but has a hearing problem called Ménière’s illness, which regrettably means he may never perform again,” he wrote in his Daily Mail column.

“Instead, he delivered a hilarious and moving speech.”

In the band Huey Lewis and the News, Huey sings lead and plays the harmonica.

The actor is also recognized for his work with the band Clover and for his numerous film appearances.

He has, however, been candid about his Ménière’s disease, an inner-ear disorder.

He can no longer retain vocal tones or hear music frequencies as a result of this.

It can also cause his hearing to become entirely deafening.

“I existed pretty much on my left ear until two years ago,” he told AARP in August.

“My hearing is still fluctuating now.” On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate it.

“It’s no longer a ten.” If it’s 6 a.m. and I’m using hearing aids, I can definitely hear speech, as well as the phone and television.

“Do you mind if I sing?” Maybe. But I can’t plan a rehearsal because if the volume is turned down to a 2, I won’t be able to hear anything.” Piers defended Prime Minister Boris Johnson while he was on vacation.

Piers, who has eight million Twitter followers, took to Twitter to criticize Boris’s year.

“There are many reasons to berate @BorisJohnson,” he wrote earlier today.

“However, he is taking his first foreign vacation in 21 months. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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