HRVY, the host of Strictly Come Dancing, claims that hidden unaired routines allow celebs to learn who is departing that week.


EXCLUSIVE Strictly star HRVY reveals that the contestants get to watch each other perform in a secret show which allows them to “come to terms” with who’s leaving days before

Strictly Come Dancing 2020 star HRVY has revealed that secret performances allow the contestants to figure out who will be going that week.

The young singer – who came second on last year’s show – spoke exclusively to the Brinkwire and said that on Friday night’s the stars get to watch each other perform in rehearsals and predict who will go.

He said: “On the Friday before the live show, we all get to do dress runs and we get to do a few goes at it and that is the first time we get to see everyone else’s dances. Friday is where you can kind of think to yourself ‘l might be safe this week’.

The 22-year-old continued: “Everyone starts comparing their dances and think ‘oh, wow I could be going this week’ because everyone is so strong, or you think I could be safe because a couple of these dances are shocking.

“That’s where you get the gist of it, as Friday is the behind the scenes day where everyone comes to terms with who is leaving.”

In regards to the Strictly curse, HRVY reveals that it could be quite possible as you are constantly dancing on top of one another.

He said: “Everyone is dancing on top of each other sho I’d say know whos, but a lot of it is friendly. People have found love on Strictly before so never says never, but do I believe in the Strictly curse? Possibly… ”

When talking about this year’s contestants and HRVY being “totally single” and potentially looking for someone for what he calls “cuffing season”, 2021 contestant Tilly Ramsay is brought into the conversation.

HRY said he wouldn’t be able to date the 19-year-old presenter on the basis that he is “too scared” of her famous dad.

The star added: “Plus, imagine going home to Gordon Ramsay and trying to impress him. Unless you’re able to cook a meal for him, which wouldn’t be good for me.

“He scares me too much – I cook a really good beans on toast but apart from that I can’t cook.”

HRVY is currently gearing up and training hard for his upcoming tour which kicks off on Sunday and is comprised of ten UK dates.

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